Friday, October 28, 2016

Early Update! Revised level and a new level.

As I will be out this weekend for Halloween, I made sure to update early this week. I revised the level I added last week, and added a new level on top of that one. I'm still not happy with the level I revised, since it actually is just sort of a worse version of a level I've already done:

Both levels require you to bounce off of an enemy's shield into a boost plate in order to clear yellow goals, then has you using those boost plates to clear the enemies. The above level actually does this a lot more elegantly than the bottom, newer level. So I'll be working on revising that level again.

I did find myself enjoying the pattern of three kill walls arranged in the center of the level though. I had an idea for a really simple level where you just slalom through a series of linked nodes, and it's actually pretty satisfying to solve. These dexterity puzzles are a nice contrast to the other levels, which are almost all timing-based.

As always, the charging-up noise is by Javier Zumer. I use and modify it under this license.

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