Sunday, September 27, 2015

Just a little bit added this week

(Check out the new build here)

Not much to say this week other than two events came up this weekend that I didn't anticipate at all! Not bad things, good things, so I'm happy - unfortunately I didn't spend nearly as much on this prototype as I'd have liked. Anyway, I did add two levels which deal with bounce walls, and it's made me realize that I have a problem I need to solve: the imbalance between usefulness of warp walls vs bounce walls.

Warp walls send you places you might not otherwise have been able to go. Bounce walls simply allow you to change direction. This is useful only if you need to hit two goals at the same time, and only if those goals cannot be connected by a single, straight, contiguous line. But goals can be fulfilled piecemeal in this game, which means that in many situations you can forgo bounce walls entirely and just complete one goal and then the other.

What I need, I realize now, are a second type of goals which are linked to one another, which destroy themselves on contact with the player, and which resurrect themselves if their linked objects are not also destroyed within the stated time limit... I'll think about this for next week.

Also, I need to give bounce walls some audio and particle effect love, like I gave to warp walls. And I need to look into an issue where the player can become stuck within bounce walls before the wall appropriately repositions the player.

And again, the charge-up noise is by Javier Zumer, and is being used under this license.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Back to work!

(The new build is up here!)

Hello everyone. This week I return to regular work on this blog - hopefully for the forseeable future, I'll have several hours a week to devote to this blog. I took a week off last week because well... I was moving, and things were quite hectic. Things are still a hectic, but in a different way, and I'm now settling in to my new environs.

I'm still moving forward with the same game right now, so this week's offering is just the same thing with a bit more offered. I made some minor edits, but primarily I did a little bit of work and added two levels. I still need to add a tip or tutorial system, but I'm hoping these first three levels are really easy to understand (after reading the instructions). Next week should bring with it a better tutorial, and more levels.

As last time, the charging noise is courtesy of Javier Zumer under this license.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Delegates, Blue Walls, and Quick Blippy Particles

I'm going to run out of ways to vaguely say "Making slow progress" if I keep naming my posts as I have. To that end, I'm just going to put what's new right in the post title.

In addition to moving in about ten days, it's also my birthday this weekend! And my parents are visiting! And it's labor day, and tons of other things, and et cetera! I did the following in about fifteen to twenty minutes. Now the player script uses an event system so that I can have other things "know" when you're charging. Handy for making wrap and bounce walls change color to advertise interactivity. You also spawn a neat little particle when you enter a wrap-wall. Makes it feel more like you're "diving through" and less like you're just teleporting.

Like the last post, charge-up noise is courtesy of Javier Zumer under this license.