Sunday, October 23, 2016

Continued Guideline improvements, start of a new level

New build is HERE

I didn't add much this week, but I did improve how warp walls work and, by extension, how guidelines work. Last week's final level made me realize that guidelines don't show an accurate path when going through wrap walls (the blue ones) at an extreme angle. This lead me to realize that I'm wrapping from the player's current position, not from the position they will be at when they hit the warp wall. I fixed that, so now wraps should be more intuitive than they used to be.

It at least makes the final level (or what used to be the final level) a bit easier. I played with extending the length of the guideline, but in most cases the current max is the right amount. I might still extend it for specific levels, like the one above, but I also like that there can be levels where you have to dead reckon where you will end up.

I also began work on a new level. I don't like where it is right now, but I wanted to have *something* new for the blog post this week, so enjoy.

As always, charging-up noise is by Javier Zumer. I'm using and modifying it under this license.

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