Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fun with Moving, switching, bouncing, warping walls!

(New build is up HERE)

So I basically tore up one of the levels I was least satisfied with, and built a new one that extended some of the ideas in another level I wasn't satisfied with. It took me more time than I'm comfortable admitting to do this, but most of that was trying to make the old level bend over backwards to work right until I basically scrapped it entirely and did something new.

I believe the only pieces of this level that were in the old version are the moving, flippable bounce walls and the switch that flips them. The enemy in the center was never really that compelling, and I always wanted to do something interesting with shooting around the level using the bounce walls. So I deleted the enemy and added bounce walls and warp walls that need to be navigated all at once to engage every linked node simultaneously. It's still a bit unwieldy, but I'm much happier with this level than with the previous.

Charging up noise is, as always, by Javier Zumer. I'm using it and modifying it under this license.

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