Monday, July 3, 2017

July 4th weekend cheat day!

I'm a day late in uploading this, but it's the 4th of July weekend, so I think a little slack is due.

There are two current exploits that I'm having trouble eradicating. The first is the player's ability to bust through enemies with no effort if they happen to be very close to the enemy upon beginning their charge. I thought I had fixed that when I made enemies reposition the player upon deploying their shield. Turns out, my distance calculations forgot to include the width of the shield when deciding how far away to position the player. This meant that if you were close enough you could start your charge, the enemy would put its shield *through* you, and then you'd just charge anyway. So, I fixed that. I also corrected a behavior where the enemy was allowing players to intersect it while charging up. (as in, prior to releasing the charge). Fixed that too. You can still, however, manage to cheat if you put a wall just behind yourself when nudging up close to an enemy. The enemy will try to reposition you, fail, and then you just tear through it. Oh well.

The other exploit is that rapidly spinning players can destroy enemies by just spinning around a bunch. Because the mesh is basically triangular in shape, every corner reads as a hit. You basically turn yourself into a whirling-dervish-buzz-saw-shuriken of death. This, come to think of it, would be a cool idea for a game all of its own. For the time being, I need to think of a way to stop this from happening. No players have discovered this tactic so far, but if there's one that's for certain, it's that they will. Still considering making goals impassable unless you are releasing a charge.

Other than that, I edited levels. One level went away, and a level I forgot to add last week made it in. I think it was this one:

I originally had two enemies in this level, but that was waaay too hard. This is much better. The walls here are actually really fun to traverse, so expect to see another few levels in this configuration at some point.

As always, the charging-up noise is by Javier Zumer and I modify it and use it under this license.

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