Sunday, November 15, 2015

Trail renderers, timed walls, updated instructions, and a level select

(Looking for the latest build? Check it out here)

This post is going to be very short! I've just come back after a weekend away from home and I'm barely awake right now. That said, I did get just enough work done during the week that I can post a new build and feel pretty good about it. Let's talk about what's in it!

Trail render on the player is a minor cosmetic upgrade. I love trail renderers because they make movement just a little more clear to read, and they make screenshots a LOT clearer to read. I still need to treat them so that they don't draw while being repositioned, but that's for next week.

Updated instructions were necessary, now that controller support is here. Ditto a level select option since I'm pushing ten levels. Both felt pretty scrunched in, so I had to revise until I still had enough content but sized and positioned in a nice way.

Timed walls feel good! Maybe not as good as I wanted them to feel? I'm actually happier with level 9 than 10. I'll try to make better timed-wall levels next week and see if I like them better than the walls which are only walls while you're charging. And the week after that I'll likely combine them to see if levels feel too busy with both elements.

Charge noise is courtesy of Javier Zumer under this license.

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