Sunday, November 1, 2015

Scheme control

(The build is up right here! Use the mouse or the right analog stick to change your rotation.)

So I didn't end up taking out the appearing/disappearing walls as I said I would... I decided to give it another week and see how I liked it. The verdict? They're a bit more interesting than I originally thought, but they still need help. I redid the last two levels, and one (level 9) actually came out well, I think.

What I spent most of my time on this week was considering alternate control schemes for the game. You can now play the game with an attached controller, which is something I've really been meaning to do. I also experimented with the player being able to manipulate their facing independent of their movement. My first sketch is over here, but I wasn't really impressed with it. You use your mouse or analog stick to move around a game object which starts out fast and then slows down as you charge. This game object is only created when you begin building your charge, so you can only change your facing while holding the space bar down.

The control scheme I settled on for now allows you to always change your facing using the analog stick/mouse. It's a bit clumsy in the case of the mouse since I prioritize mouse facing only when you are moving the mouse. It results in a feeling that WASD input is fighting the mouse input.

As far as the analog goes, well, analog is so accurate and feels so good in general that the right stick is hardly necessary... So, I may just reverse all my changes in the end.

Charging up noise is by Javier Zumer under this license

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