Sunday, April 26, 2015


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Okay, so I'm really excited about Bolt!

I'm also really conscious of where Bolt fails. I've never made a racing game before, and I had this quirky idea for how to organize it so that I didn't have to code any "real cars" or anything:

 If I always had the player "attached" to one of these hexagonal prisms, well then I would be able to attach them to a specific face of that prism. And if every prism knew which prism followed, you could make a linked list of prisms. And when you got to the end of one prism, I could have the player warp to the beginning of the next prism:

 Link a bunch of prisms together and boom! Instant racetrack. It was a pretty simple concept that I immediately succeeded in complicating:

Bolt is an interesting concept, but a pretty shallow racing game, I think you'll agree. I really only scratched the surface with what kinds of races I can make with these building blocks, and I really only scratched the surface of what's actually fun about this kind of racing game. You have no control over acceleration or braking, so it's all about having a rhythm of boosts to hit. That really only clicked partway through development. I'd like to add multiplayer, and an actual tutorial, since the instructions might be difficult to follow the first time around.

But man, if I were to grade my Game-A-Weeks on how cool my screenshots look? A+:

You can find the game right here

Menu Music is by Bart, in-game music is by RevampedPRO, usage under this license.
Main Menu typeface is "Hetilica" by Diego Quintana.

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