Sunday, May 3, 2015

Red Zone

(Want to skip to the game? Be my guest!)

Red Zone was made in a very short amount of time! I want to say that if you totaled everything up it was only done in about 4 hours of actual work. Why such a short amount of time? Well, there was a lot to do this week! Industry events, get-togethers, a trio of birthdays, not to mention starting a new job! Still, I'm reasonably happy with the result. Here's Red Zone:

It's a very very short, very very simple game. I had an idea where a center turret fired out a laser at enemies, which sounded like an elegant enough place to start. Then, speaking with a friend of mine (the same one who runs this awesome blog!) I got the idea that you could actually "herd" enemies with your mouse.

Sometimes I think about whether these game ideas could be prototypes for larger projects. I think Bolt, Shoot the Moons, Convert the Sun, and even Diamondback could occupy a small team for more than a year. This one? I don't know... It's sort of like a shmup, only you can't move. Maybe if you played around with different beam types....

Music this time:
Title Music: ambient_menu By AlexandrZhelanov
Game Music: enchantmentinstumental By Sonartuning
all under this license

Play the game here!

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