Sunday, May 10, 2015


(Want to skip to the game? Be my guest!)

I started making container on Friday, and work basically proceeded as I expected it would through to Sunday. I'm actually sort of proud of how it almost felt easy to put on a reasonable amount of polish in only a short amount of time (though there are still one or two things I ought to have fixed).

You can sort of see how Container is a kind of mash-up between Red Zone and Bolt. It's got hexagonal movement, plus the "push" lasers from Red Zone.

Having the enemy spawner jump into "hard mode" after you kill 8 enemies was an idea I had after I realized that I hadn't built my difficulty scaling system to be able to twist all the knobs I wanted it to (it adjusts spawn interval, but I didn't allow it the ability to set the thrust or acceleration of enemies).

All in all, I liked how "hard mode" came out - you sort of get the feeling that you've made the game mad. It also feels a little better when you lose. "Oh, I got 10 kills, okay," is a lot less exciting than "Well, I was fine up through 8 kills, but then hard mode made things get really crazy." It can be hard to make the player feel like they achieved anything with all of these "endless" games I make, so hard mode helps with that, at least a little. You get to go out with more of a bang!

Menu Music is from Sonartuning and is used under this license
In-game Music is from p0ss and is used under this license

And you can view the game here!

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