Sunday, December 3, 2017

Three Red Diamonds

(This week's new build is up here!)

This week was more about level deletion than level creation. I feel like the more levels I design, the better I have an idea for what levels I'd like to cut. I cut the last level of the game easily, because I'd been meaning to cut it for a while, but I also cut two later levels that didn't show off Warp Walls in quite the light I wished they did, along with two earlier levels that were maybe a little novel but not actually pushing the player to do that many cool things. One of those levels might come back, because I still like it.

And then I made this new level, right at the end:

I mentioned this way back when, but I really like starting these later levels with three kill walls arranged as diamonds in the center of the screen. They break the level up in a really cool way, and I can have walls running off of them in what feels like natural directions to further constrain the player while keeping the level aesthetically pleasing.

As always, the charge-up noise is by Javier Zumer and I use and modify that noise under this license.

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