Sunday, May 1, 2016

Doing Lines

New Build is up here!

A while back I tried to get the guide line that emanates from the player to interact with walls so that it correctly displayed the path you would take after charging. I gave up after trying to figure out a way for this method to recursively call itself. Then a friend of mine suggested a different take on it, which really helped me wrap my head around how this needs to work.

Currently it only works on Wrap and Bounce walls (Warp walls are for next week) and it also only works for one interaction (the lines emanating from Wrap and Bounce walls do not cause the same behavior to occur if they hit *more* Wrap/Bounce walls) so I may need to make this recursive anyway. However, with this first version I have a much better understanding of what it would take to do that. Yay for friends.

As always, the charging up noise is by Javier Zumer. I have used and edited this asset under this license.

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