Sunday, February 7, 2016

Reconfiguring Wall Logic, and adding Warp Walls

(New Build is up here!)

This week I did exactly what the title says - I added a new wall type! Okay, it's not that exciting. I want to play around with a type of wall that simply teleports you to a set location. Not sure if I want to make it a one-way trip or not, though that could be interesting... I'm calling this new type of wall "Warp Walls." I now have warp walls and wrap walls, so it isn't confusing at all.

I didn't get to really play around with them since I spent most of my time reconfiguring how all walls work. I used to have the code governing what happens when a player (or enemy projectile) hits a certain wall on that player (or on that projectile, as the case may be). In other words, it was up to the player or projectile to figure out what it should do when it hit a certain surface. This duplicates code and is a bit counterintuitive. On top of that, it makes the player script and enemy projectile script longer than they need to be. When I realized I really wanted to have the code for the warp walls on the actual wall, I realized I should probably bite the bullet and make the change for all wall types. Hopefully this makes my code cleaner and easier to deal with for the future.

And as always, charge-up noise is courtesy of Javier Zumer under this license. It has been modified by me. 

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