Sunday, February 21, 2016

Movable Type

(New build can be found right here! Please don't play with your volume turned to max. I'm still trying to figure out how I can fix the way things sound over WebGL.)

This week I added two levels. Well, I modified the latest level and added a new one. I realized that the function of the green warp walls is much better illustrated if you show them bridging an impassable boundary, like a default wall. Then the second set of warp walls shows how they can work over a distance and how they can be used to turn the player.

The new level uses some very crude boost plates. They were really easy to prototype, but I think if I were to finish them I'd need to work on them a bunch more. We'll see how they go.

Finally, I'm not using them in any levels yet, but I made some red blocks which simply kill the player upon contact. Total features so far:

  • Charging
  • Goals
  • Linked Goals
  • Wrap walls
  • Bounce walls
  • Warp walls
  • Boost plates
  • Enemies
  • Timed Walls
  • Kill Walls
I think that's about it. There are other things I could imagine wanting to do (like objects which slowly get pulled towards the player, or switches that flip on/off when charged through), but for now I think I need to decide whether or not to cut some features. The recently added boost plates don't do much that can't be done with bounce walls, but they do give me substantially more control...

Charge-up noise by Javier Zumer. Used under this license. Modified by me.

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