Sunday, December 6, 2015

Control refinements!

(New build is up here)

Only two real changes this week, but I am excited about both of them. First, you can now click to begin your charge in addition to using the space bar and the right trigger (yes right trigger, not right bumper. I finally got around to doing that, too!). In addition to being able to charge with the mouse, the arrow will only follow the mouse if you are holding down the left-click. This makes aiming with the mouse feel a lot more purposeful and useful than before, where it was sort of haphazard and clumsy.

The other big change is that I've gotten to the bottom (sort of) of the issue which kept causing you to get stuck when charging through two nearby warp walls. It still happens occasionally (especially on level 6, which is always the main culprit) but it's a lot rarer now.

Charge-up noise is courtesy of Javier Zumer, under this license.

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