Sunday, December 13, 2015

A behind the scenes improvement to charging, and a new visual aid for aiming.

(New build is up here!)

So, I decided to follow-up a relatively productive week with a relatively unproductive week. So it goes. And yet! This blog is absolutely doing its job when I'm motivated to at least accomplish something in lieu of just saying "Eh, one week without progress is okay."

I set out to do two things: a) Look into implementing a system which would predict where your charge would take you and project a trail showing you that path exactly and b) Change the charge code so that you automatically quit charging if you're up against a wall, instead of getting stuck there for a few incredibly annoying seconds.

The results?

A) That system would be very difficult to implement. At least for me, and for how this game is set up. I'll need to think more about how I can get that to happen. In the meantime, I'll project a line forward which grows as you charge your attack. It serves the same purpose (namely, to give the player a greater idea of where they're going) while perhaps not spelling everything out too much.

B) I can probably make the charge end if the player drops below a certain velocity, but that seemed... inelegant. I think the problem isn't that you sometimes get stuck against a wall - it's that you're stuck against a wall for far too long. Getting stuck after a full charge straight into an obstacle feels like a good consequence for poorly executing an attack. The real issue is that you charge for an amount of time equal to however long you hold down the charge button. This was capped at an upper limit of 3 seconds. After playing around, I found that you never actually needed to charge for longer than 1 second, so I brought it down to that number. The result should be far less frustrating.

Charge-up noise is by Javier Zumer under this license. It has been edited to fit the new charge time!

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