Sunday, August 2, 2015

Revolver at the Barest of Bones

Hi all! True to my word, here's my post for the week. I'm still really taxed by other things going on right now, in addition to really wanting to spend as much time socializing with all the people I'll be saying goodbye to in just a few short weeks! That being said, I did just manage to get Revolver to a 100% playable state. Go ahead and play it here!

Yup, there's no HUD or sound, but it is all there and playable. Next week will be sound, UI, and polishing the feel of the game (Off the top of my head, enemies could move a lot faster towards you).

As it turns out, the idea of having a shmup revolve around a central planet is pretty cool! (Though I guess Resogun sort of already proves that.) Organizing a shmup into three discrete lanes, however, isn't a very good idea, I think. A lot more interaction was lost than I thought would be. In fact, I might remove the lanes altogether for next week! If I have time...

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