Saturday, August 8, 2015

A fully-assembled Revolver

(Play the game here)

Well, Revolver is done finally - it looks and plays like a one-week game, but it took three due again to how weird my free time is getting this month.

To be honest, I wish Revolver could have turned out better. I still feel like it's really lacking something, and I wasn't able to really find out what that was. For that reason, I wasn't really excited while working on it, and I think it shows. There are some surprising things you can do with the way the shooting is set up, enough to the point where I do think you could make a much larger game out of this.

I didn't try it here, but I wanted to know what it would feel like if you didn't charge your shots, but they naturally got larger and stronger the longer you kept them alive. The size-to-damage-and-speed relationship was also interesting. A game where bullets and enemies could survive contact with whatever they hit, but shrink and lose size/damage but gain speed might be something to look into.

This three-week development cycle is another thing to maybe look into. I did maybe 1-2 hrs of work a week on Revolver, if that... but if I had the normal 5-7 I could try tackling larger projects. Something to think about. I could also take the fourth week off and think of ideas for future games, while actually playing games myself (Outside of Destiny and Hearthstone, I've forgotten what that feels like!)

Anyway, yeah - play Revolver here! Despite my self-criticism, it's still worth the two minutes of play.

Laser charge sound is by Javier Zumer, and is being used under this license

In-game background music is "Buildy" by p0ss, and is being used under this license

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