Sunday, March 11, 2018

Investigating how the player charges

I did a lot of non-game work this week and weekend, so unfortunately there's no build this week. I am looking into some feedback I recently got from some playtesters. I was glad to see that the game has gotten a lot easier to control, and people seem to be getting close to finishing the game in one sitting comfortably.

While I'm managing difficulty fairly well, I could be doing better. There are later levels in the game which, while not too difficult puzzle-wise, are pretty difficult execution-wise, which causes a difficulty spike that I didn't factor in.

I'd love to make it easier for players to charge multiple times in quick succession. I think I want to revise how the player's charge attack builds up and lets off to address that. This also means changing how the force is applied to the player during that charge. I think these changes will actually involve me removing some over-complicated systems, so this might make the game more stable, actually.

There's also a bug I've been getting since updating Unity where the linked goal nodes in just one level won't always fire properly. That's going to vex me for a bit.

Oh! And next week is GDC, so I will probably miss the next two weeks of updates!

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