Sunday, August 27, 2017

An actual post!

The new build is up here!

Whoa! I'm actually posting again! Sorry, things have been very, very hectic for me recently, but I got just enough time to start looking at my tutorial (or lack thereof) again. So in this build, there's a super-rudimentary tutorial. It waits a set time before fading in. It waits a set time before fading out. This was extremely annoying to set up for some reason!

I should have had it set up in fifteen minutes, but I actually spend a long, long time fiddling over how I wanted the script to have multiple phrases to display, and how it would fade in and out and wait for so long between phrases. Then I ran into problems, decided it would be better to just make something simple, and cut out a lot of what I wrote. I'm already seeing that the way I'm timing my fades is completely backwards and I can do more if I just go about it in a different manner.

This week I'm going to Seattle, and next week I'm attending a wedding, so I make no promises to update for a while. But at least there's this one, brief moment of productivity in the middle of this very hectic time.

And the charge-up noise is, as always, by Javier Zumer. I use and modify it under this license.

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  1. !! :D This is a pretty sweet game! I tried it out last weekend, and it's lots of fun (I got to around the moving, shooting red bad guys).

    Hope you enjoyed the eclipse!