Sunday, April 16, 2017

No new post Today

Sorry, I didn't get much work done this week, though I feel like I should have. One thing I looked at this week was limiting the player's ability to rapidly charge back and forth. This was problematic because it meant players could easily bypass all "hit this goal three times" if they focused on just charging three times. I thought of a couple of unsatisfying ways that might have worked as solutions, but eventually I decided that it's not worth fixing. It only comes up three or four times in the entire game, and it's pretty clear that you need to be pretty familiar with the game already to pull it off...

I still want to look into restructuring levels this upcoming week. I've almost finished pushing the exciting bits (movement, switches, kill walls) so it's important to fill in some space with new levels. I'm not sure if I have a greater strategy for what I'm doing right now other than that the game feel better with these concepts frontloaded before the second (and eventually, third) wall types are introduced. Wall types can be combined with existing wall types and all these other concepts to start making very very complex levels, so I should have a good breadth of complexity to draw from now, instead of just killing time before I get to the next basic concept I need to communicate.

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