Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fancy Linked Nodes

New build is here

This week I deleted this level:

and created this level in its place:

The new level uses boost plates (which I think I'm not using often enough), multiple sets of linked goals (which I've never done before), and linked goals that must each be hit more than once (which I'm doing only one other place).

It's also another level that is broken up int multiple chambers. I think the chambers progress kind of cleverly here, with the first puzzle showing the player how to hit the switch to reveal the next chamber. The puzzle in the next chamber is an elaboration of the first puzzle, using all the same boost plates, which feels elegant. I could make the level use three chambers, but this is already kind of crazy.

In comparison, the old level did a neat thing where it made the player think of their charge as not one instantaneous action, but instead a sequence of events. It's a cool idea, but not enough for an entire level.

Also, all linked goals are subscribed to the delegate which fires whenever *any* linked goal node is touched. This means that the "you've failed" sound effect and particle effect will play for all linked goals in a scene, even if you weren't interacting with it. I'll fix that for next week.

Charging up noise, as always, is by Javier Zumer. Used and modified under this license. 

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