Sunday, December 11, 2016

Deleting old levels and adding new ones. Also, switches now switch switches.

In short, this week I deleted this level:

And added this level:

The top level is really just a poorer version of the level that comes right after it (the one with the large hexagon). It also looks really... weak. There's not a great amount of balance here and the entire left side of the level is underused. So I got rid of it.

I added the lower level because I realized that the game ramps up to the second to last level (the crazy one with all the walls and projectiles) way too quickly, and I wanted an intermediary level that introduces the idea of the level having passable sections. I was tired of having a switch that you didn't want to accidentally hit twice, so I just made switches able to be turned off and on. This means switches can turn off other switches, and switches can turn off themselves. Very meta.

I also did some behind the scenes fidgeting with the second-to-last level, increasing the interval between projectiles to dull the difficulty a bit. I played around with the order of another level. See if you can notice which.

Charge-up noise by Javier Zumer. Use and modification under this license.

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