Sunday, July 31, 2016

Back on the Wagon (Sort of)

(The new build is up here)

I had another lazy weekend, but luckily I did manage to finish the work I said I'd get done during the week. I now have a radial charge meter surrounding the player, and the meter turns red when you run into a wall and crash. It helps to indicate how long you have to wait before you can move again:

I do worry that the game has become a little busy for it. I think it helps to convey that there is a maximum amount of charge you can save up. I've been relying on sound alone to communicate that for far too long. For those reasons, I've also included a particle effect that emanates outwards from the player at the moment that they reach full charge:

The idea is that the particle effect is broad enough that you will know you've reached full charge even if you're looking away from the player. Hopefully the the particle effect is quick enough that it's not distracting. All of these moments - reaching full charge, charging into a wall, etc. - need to have sound effects to go with them, and I could really use a looping "full charge" sound to replace what I have. Maybe that will be next week.

As always, the charge-up sound effect is by Javier Zumer. I'm using it and modifying it under this license.

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