Sunday, June 26, 2016

Womp womp, no update today

This weekend I am in San Francisco helping a friend of mine QA her game for its upcoming release on the PS4! If you like platforming, you'll like it. If you like space, you'll like it. If you like cute animals, you'll like it. And, if you like heart-crushingly tragic yet ultimately cathartic stories, you'll really like it.

This week I had intended to do the treatment I did for the first 5 or so levels on the rest of the game. I began working on this on Sunday, after last week's update was done. I'd planned on continuing work throughout Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but I really only had Monday, as Tuesday is always a packed day for me and Wednesday I spent packing (My trip began Thursday after work, and continues into Monday the 27th).

I also thought I might get some work done on the plane and possibly here, in San Fran. Unfortunately, this is not possible. So, no new build this week. Sorry!

I have come to some tentative conclusions about the progression of levels in Pierce. One is that I want to push the introduction of enemies back a bit. I have wall-based concepts, like Wrap and Bounce walls, out of the way early. And I have goal-based concepts, like basic goals, multi-hit goals, and linked goals, also out of the way early (early, in this case, being before level 5 or so). I have modifying concepts like movement, timers, and switches, but they all kind of show up in a rush towards the end of the game, along with boost pads. Enemies are an important goal-based concept, but I think I can wait a little bit longer before introducing them. Maybe I'll introduce moving elements before then. Expect to see the results of this next week.


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