Sunday, October 4, 2015

Put a little bounce in it

(This week's build is up here)

I got that new goal type up and working... I think the disparity between bounce walls and warp walls is still large. Bounce walls... are just a little useless, and it's very hard to bounce off them accurately. I thought about having the player always bounce such that they end perpendicular to the surface they collided with, but I don't like that so much... It could be interesting though...

I've also been kicking around ideas for enemy AI. So far I'm thinking about an enemy that knows when the player begins charging, and puts a bounce wall shield up to block any direct charges. The idea being that the player must find a way to strike this enemy's back by warping or bouncing around the level. Meanwhile, the enemy automatically shoots out projectiles which interact with bounce and warp walls the same way the player does (these "bullets" are essentially always charging). It could work.

Still settling down into my new routine in my new apartment and in my new job... This post has had a lot of ellipses in it...

Just as always, the charge-up noise is by Javier Zumer, and is being used under this license.

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