Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pallet Rain

(Play Pallet Rain here)

Pallet Rain is definitely one of the more abstract games that I've made so far. I wanted to use the missiles from missile tow for something else, since I liked the way that they moved. At the same time, I had found some excellent public domain sound effects that I knew I could combine for some interesting, calming background music. I also knew that I would be busy this weekend, and needed something simple to complete during the week.

The result is interesting, but not particularly fun. I did want Pallet Rain to feel relaxing, and I think Drawing Mode definitely accomplishes that, but survival mode does not. It'd have been way more relaxing to have the object of survival mode to be to "catch" the yellow and blue objects, rather than avoid them (which just makes things feel anxious). I guess it'd have to be renamed something other than "survival" mode then.

This was a very simple game to make, but I still managed to make it quite complicated for myself in certain spots. Still, I managed t learn some things, and Pallet Rain does succeed in being visually appealing - in a minimalist sort of way. Play Pallet Rain here.

Since this is a game design blog, I want to close by saying that today Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passed away, and though I only really knew him through the Nintendo Directs, the past Nintendo E3 shows, and the "Iwata Asks" articles, it's really tough to see him go.

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