Sunday, February 5, 2017

Level Adjustments

(New Build is up here!)

I'm still acting on a bunch of feedback I got from the indie city games. I reworked half of one level and all of another level.

This is the same "hexagonal bouncy shape" level as before, only now instead of two linked goal nodes on the right-hand side, there's an enemy. This way you use the hexagon to solve both halves of the level. I missed the two linked goal nodes though, so I redid the next level to look like this:

At first, it didn't have the enemy on the right-hand side, but the level felt too simple, and I wanted the player to sort of be led to how to use the bounce and warp plates in the level. With the enemy, you're guided to traverse the level in a certain way. It's even possible to clear all the linked goal nodes and the enemy in one attack, which is neat.

As always, charge-up noise is by Javier Zumer. I'm using and modifying that noise under this license.

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