Sunday, January 15, 2017

Level labels, increased drag, and small fixes

Not a lot to say about the newest build. I was sick this week, which should have given me plenty of time to work on this blog, only I didn't realize that until after I had gone back to work.

I've only made a few small changes this week:

  • I increased the maximum amount of drag you experience as you move, since I still feel that the player is a little too floaty.
  • I also finally got around to fixing the issue which causes you to charge when you're clicking buttons in the UI
  • Finally, I added a little message under the pause button call-out to label what level you're actually on
That last one is pretty important, since I would love it if I could get more feedback on this game, and I think it would help if people could tell me what level they gave up on / what level was really tough for them. So keep it in mind when you're playing! Look right up here:

And note what the number of the level is. Then feel free to contact me on twitter @JacobDMooney to let me know where something was frustrating or boring.

For next week, I want to prototype a bit of a tutorial for the game. And maybe I'll put in some placeholder background music.

As always, the charging-up noise is by Javier Zumer and I'm using and modifying it under this license.

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