Sunday, January 17, 2016

Still mulling over casting. Also, moving things!

(New build is here! 12 Levels now!)

This post comes after a long weekend looking at apartments. I am TIRED! But feeling accomplished. Last week I settled on how I should be handling casting. This week I started making levels which took advantage of that, had some second thoughts immediately. I had an hour-long conversation with my roommate about it, and came away with the resolution to just ride this out.

Both methods produce very similar results, and it isn't difficult to change between the two of them. So I'll just continue to develop the game and see if I run into any problems that make me want to switch. Time will tell if this is a good or bad idea.

On the subject of actually continuing to develop the game, I added a node-based movement script to give objects some simple patrol movement capabilities. I feel it opens up a lot of design space, but we'll have to see just how much in the coming weeks.

As always, the charging-up sound is by Javier Zumer, and is being used under this license. It has been modified by me.

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