Sunday, June 7, 2015

An Experiment in Throwing Magic Darts

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So, this week's submission is another prototype... not a proper full game. I can't tell if I'm slowing down, trying to do too-large projects, or not managing my time well enough. Probably all three, to some degree. Anyway, I'm hopeful that, like the last experiment, this week's submission turns into one of the more unique games I make in this blog.


This game is building off of an idea I have for a much larger game: In a fantasy setting, the player controls a thief in possession of two magic daggers. The daggers can teleport the thief to their position, and the daggers can also teleport back to the thief's hands. The thief can drop and throw his daggers in addition to using them to fight enemies.

This creates a lot of interesting combat and traversal puzzles. When fighting a heavily armed enemy, I can drop a dagger, circle my foe until the dagger is behind him, then teleport behind the enemy and attack. When scaling a wall, I can throw one dagger so that it embeds itself in a wooden surface, then teleport up to that dagger, cling to it, and throw the second dagger over the wall.

I consider that game a distant fantasy, but maybe I can make a sort of minimized proof of concept here on this blog. Anyway, if you're interested in seeing the prototype, it's right here.

Background music by Kerri Coombs, Switch sound effect by Nenad Simic, both under this license.

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